Explore the works of Scottish composer Helen MacKinnon. Highlights of Helen's music are listed below. Sheet music for most works, particularly Helen's sacred choral music, is available for purchase. New works are listed regularly.

Choral Music and Solo Songs by Helen MacKinnon

SATB choir

A cappella, 4'50''

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Gloria in excelsis Deo

SATB choir

A cappella, 3'15''

Words by Christina Rossetti

Remember Me

SATB choir and Piano,  20'00''. 5 movements: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus & Agnus Dei.

Mass for the Spirit

SATB choir and piano, 4'00''

Kyrie Eleison

SSAA choir,

A cappella, 5'30''

Umhlaba (Earth)

SATB choir and Piano, 6'00''

Credo (I believe)

Solo female voice and piano, 3'00''

The Wings of the

SATB choir,

A cappella, 5'00''

Be Merciful unto Me

SSA choir and Piano, A cappella, 7'30'',

The University of Oxford, 'Women and the Canon'

My Voice

Upbeat number for SATB choir and Piano, 2'15''

Believe in the Music

Solo female voice and piano, 4'00''

This Autumn Day

SATB choir and Piano, 4'35''. Words from the traditional Irish Blessing

May the Road Rise

SATB choir and Piano,  4'35''

I'll Carry You Through 

Solo female voice and piano,  4'25''

Born of Love

SATB choir

A cappella, 1'20''


SATB choir and Piano, 3'35''

Agnus Dei

SATB choir and piano, 3'10''

One Voice holds the World as One

SATB choir and Piano, 6'15''

Commissioned by Perth Festival of the Arts

Sing to the Lord
a New Song

SATB choir and Piano, 2'45'' Setting of 14th c. prayer Anima Christi

O Good Jesus
Hear Me

SATB choir and Piano,

10'15'' Two movements based on modern African poetry


Orchestral and Chamber Music

String Orchestra and Soprano, 6'30''

Single Movement

Ave Maris Stella

String Quartet10'00''

Single Movement

Skin and Bone

Full Orchestra,


The Rinns of Islay

Trio for Flute, Horn and Cello, 8'00''

Cutlery, Napkins, Salt and Pepper

Piano Solo

The Beginning

2 Percussion and 8 Female Voices, 13'25''

Text from Edwin Morgan's From the Domain of Arnheim

Crossing the Domain

Quintet for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Piano & Vibraphone, 10'00''


Easy, jazzy Piano Duet, 1'30''

Two Little Ducks

Duet for Clarinet and Violin, 3'35''. Performed in GoMA, Glasgow

Fata Morgana 'Mirage'


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